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Accelerant Launches Mock and Shadow Securities Arbitration Panel Product

Posted by Jack Duval

Sep 5, 2013 7:29:00 AM

Accelerant provides litigators the ability to present their case to a mock arbitration panel before the actual hearing, as well as the opportunity to have a shadow arbitration panel read daily transcripts or view video testimony to provide real-time insights into trial dynamics.  We have assembled a stable of securities arbitrators from multiple pools across the country and can supplement with candidates from specific locations, if requested.

Mock Arbitration Panels

  • Matched to actual panel composition by demographics and background;

  • Day-long presentation of one or both sides of the case, including: witness testimony; documentary evidence; and exhibits;

  • Immediate feedback through question and answer sessions; perceived areas of concern; and suggestions on how to clarify and strengthen your case.

Shadow Arbitration Panels

  • Matched to actual panel composition by demographics and background;

  • Review of daily transcripts, video testimony, and actual exhibits;

  • Feedback through daily interviews and written summaries;

  • Insight into witness credibility, effectiveness and clarity of arguments and evidence, and arbitrator reactions.

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Arbitrator Analyzer™ Product Simplifies FINRA Rank and Strike List Review

Posted by Jack Duval

Jun 17, 2013 9:32:35 AM

Accelerant has just released it's newest product, the Arbitration Analyzer.

The Arbitrator Analyzer™ is a tool that enables attorneys to quickly and efficiently review, analyze, evaluate, and drill down on FINRA arbitrators and their publicly available awards.



    • Elegant and simple visual display of arbitrator data;

    • Dynamic, real time filtering by various factors, including: age, number of publicly available awards, and total amount of awards;

    • “At-a-glance” understanding of Rank and Strike list composition;

    • Instant drill down into individual awards;

    • Fast turn around times.

Arbitrator Analyzer from Accelerant LLC on Vimeo.



$700 for basic workup.

Custom analyses available.

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